DIY 10 Minute Cat Ears

DIY 10 Minute Cat Ears

Miss Ady is OBSESSED with all things cat. Cat ear headbands, cat shirts, sweaters, pants, stuffed animals, her real Cats. You get the idea. So we decided we would try and make some new cat ears. They were super easy and fun! All the supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby (of course) but Joann's and Michael's should have the supplies as well. Find out how we made them below! 


Draw out your cat ear shape on a piece of paper. I folded the paper in half so it would be a mirror image. Once your happy with your ear shape trace onto the back of your glitter sheet and cut your ears out. Now measure and mark 3.5 inches on both sides of the inside of the headband. Glue the bottom of the cat ear at each mark to try and keep them even. 

Put glue in a line on the center of the ear. Press to headband firmly. Each ear is located 3.5 inches up on the headband. Press firmly along headband line to attach ear to headband.You can stop here or add more embellishments.Add inner ear.Add flowers. Tada! All done.


Now throw on your favorite cat shirt and strike a pose. 


Ady in headband and cat shirt

If you need a new favorite cat shirt Ady's is available here.

Rocking it

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